Choice of Cover: Short-Term in the UK

Popular sites such as weekly car insurance site have proliferated lately. Although the UK's car insurance policies may have some different expectations, like the various limits imposed or the amount of excess you must pay after a claim is made, there are some things that remain relatively stable from policy to policy. However, always create a list of concerns to review these and other items that are important to you with your insurance company.

The best thing to do is read as much material as you can stand, on short-term cover in the UK, before speaking to the company about the policy. Not only does it cut down the amount of time used by going over basic material, but can often lead right to the question that you could not think of before the conversation began.
These items that you should be most familiar with, before ringing the insurance company: damages and recovered costs, limitations of the use of the car, cancellation rights and contract termination.

Damages and Repairs

One of the most important aspects of cover, naturally, concerns the recovery of the car expenses caused by the crash. This is exactly what the cover is meant to do. However, even though the loss of the car is also included, one should not be assuming when it comes to the details. For example, many people assume that the electrical system of the vehicle, including the failure of the car's computer, electronic circuitry and mechanical parts will also be a part of the short-term cover. In reality, this rarely happens, if ever. These types of damages are considered wear and tear. You should always check with the primary insurance company for details on how to recover routine maintenance costs for your car.

Limitations of Car Use

The short-term cover brings peace of mind to any car owner who wishes to grant use of their vehicle to a trusted visitor or even family members. However, the limitations of this cover need to be understood. For example, it is absolutely the responsibility of the car owner to make sure that the vehicle is never taken without permission by anyone who lives under their roof, or an intimate partner, or a family member regardless of where they live. These are excluded people from the cover of short-term insurance in the UK.

Car owners also face liability if they were negligent in not locking the car doors, by leaving the windows down, or by failing to secure the keys to the vehicle. In the event that these kinds of inactions result in a "casual theft" by someone you know, or who is related to you, the short-term cover will not apply. You will be liable for the costs of any damages that result from the person who took the vehicle without your permission!

Termination and Cancellation

Because it is such a short amount of time, that is, a maximum of 28 days, cancelling the policy is not possible. In addition, terminations must be done in writing and do not result in a refund of the money.